AlfaVap과 AlfaCond, 일본의 사탕무 설탕 공장에서 에너지를 절약하다

호쿠렌 농업협동조합 연합회는 1992년에 나카샤리 사탕무 공장에 알파라발의 AlfaVap 상승 필름 플레이트 증발기를 설치하기 시작했습니다. 높은 열교환 성능과 컴팩트한 디자인에 깊은 인상을 받은 호쿠렌은 2005년에 4대의 AlfaVap을 설치하여 공정 증기에서 에너지를 회수하는 데 도움을 받았습니다. AlfaCond 콘덴서도 설치했습니다.

날짜 2024-06-05

 A total of 39 AlfaVaps installed Hokuren operates two sugar beet factories in the Hokkaido region, Nakashari and Shimizu. It began installing Alfa Laval equipment in the 1970s and, today, has a total of 39 AlfaVaps in both factories, as well as another 90 Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers.

“We had never done an installation like that before,” says Akihiro Kumagai, Alfa Laval, Japan. “However, with close teamwork between Hokuren and Alfa Laval in both Japan and Sweden, we were able to develop a solution that met the customer’s needs. The system worked very well, and our relationship grew much stronger,” he says.






AlfaVap evaporator
The AlfaVap is tailor-made for evaporation. Particularly efficient at high concentration and high viscosities, it can work with temperature differences down to 3–4°C. Features and benefits

 AlfaVap evaporator



AlfaCond condenser

The AlfaCond is the first plate condenser in the world specifically designed for low-pressure vapour condensation in all types of industries.

 AlfaCond plate condenser


AlfaVap evaporator

  • Corrugated plate pattern ensures a high degree of turbulence, which gives high heat transfer coefficients
  • Rising film concept eliminates the need for a re-circulation pump and avoids problems with feed distribution
  • Excellent wetting ability – a once-through evaporation process can often be used
  • Flexible design: easy to adapt to changing capacity demands

AlfaCond condenser

  • Plates specially designed for condensation
  • Condensate and cooling water never mix, eliminating a source of pollution
  • Flexible design: easy to adapt to changing capacity demands
  • Compact size for a leaner installation
  • Minimized fouling and easy maintenance for maximum uptime

Customer's voice

Installing more Alfa Laval equipment was an important part of our plans for cutting energy costs. It is far more efficient than the equipment we had previously, and maintenance is much easier. We’ve accomplished the energy savings we hoped for.

Sugar Production Manager