Alfa Laval Equipment Upgrades boost the capacity

At the request of sugar and ethanol producer Grupo Santa Terezinha, Alfa Laval’s Service Center in São Paulo upgraded two Alfa Laval high speed separators to the latest specifications. It increased the capacity without adding any machines.

DATE 2022-02-03

There was a noticeable increase in output with lower energy consumption. We now achieve up to 75% concentration with minimum product loss which is very good considering the fermentation conditions.” GILBERTO GUALTIERI, SANTA TEREZINHA

Lower total cost of ownership

The upgrade increased throughput by about 40 m3 per hour. In terms of capacity, Santa Terezinha received the equivalent of a third machine at 40% of the cost. No additional space was needed and no new installation or infrastructure. In addition, the Equipment Upgrade resulted in energy savings.

Maintenance costs are the same as for the original machines and spread over a higher throughput, i.e., the cost per produced litre of ethanol goes down which, in turn, means lower total cost of ownership.” JOAO ROSENSTOCK, ALFA LAVAL PARTS & SERVICE, BRAZIL


  • Production increased by 40 m³/h
  • Energy savings (with same nozzle diameter):
    Prior to upgrading, FESX 512S: 1.70 m³/kW
    After upgrading, FESX 712BX: 2.70 m³/kW
  • Higher volume of ethanol with the same cost of operation per m² of installed equipment per $ spent on annual maintenance
In addition to the higher capacity, as a result of the upgrade, the equipment is now simpler to dismantle, making it easier to access the separator bowls for cleaning. The upgrade fulfilled our aims – we are very satisfied.”

Extending performance with the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio

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The customer

Founded in the 1960s, Grupo Santa Terezinha is a large ethanol and sugar producer in Brazil’s Paraná State. They process a total of 16 million tonnes of sugar per year. Its eight production units are responsible for more than a quarter of all the sugar and ethanol production of Paraná State and it has been one of the most expansive sugar and ethanol groups in Brazil over the past few years.