Unique mixproof 밸브는 교차 오염 위험 없이 동일한 밸브를 통한 2개의 다른 제품이나 유체의 동시 흐름을 가능하게 합니다. 이는 유제품, 식품, 음료 및 바이오팜 산업에서 설비의 유연성 및 효율성을 개선합니다

Unique Mixproof SeatClean w ThinkTop V70 640x360


비용 효율적인 혼합 방지 밸브


알파라발 Unique mixproof 밸브는 2개의 독립적인 플러그를 특징으로 하며, 이는 종종 1개의 Unique mixproof 밸브가 종류가 다른 2개 이상의 밸브를 대체할 수 있음을 의미합니다.

탁월한 흘림 방지 기능


최첨단 이중-시트 설계 방식으로 오랫동안 흘림 방지 기능을 유지하여 제품 오염 위험을 최소화합니다. 이중 립을 채택하여 안전하고 위생적인 작업을 보장합니다.

유지보수 및 세척이 간편한 밸브


Unique mixproof 밸브는 탑-로드 설계로 유지보수가 빠르고 간편합니다. 또한 이 제품은 비조절식 구성품, 유지보수가 간편한 액추에이터, 모든 에 대한 내장형 누출 감지 기능을 특징으로 합니다. Unique mixproof 밸브는 대부분의 위생 표준을 준수하며, SpiralClean 세척 시스템을 옵션으로 제공할 수 있습니다. 

재생목록을 클릭하면 4개의 애니메이션을 모두 볼 수 있습니다. 

Unique mixproof 밸브와 알파라발 ThinkTop, 그리고 ThinkTop Basic 밸브 감지 및 제어 장비를 함께 사용하면 완전한 이점을 누릴 수 있습니다

밸브 클러스터-맞춤형 흐름 솔루션 

알파라발은 개별 요건을 충족시킬 수 있도록 미리 제조된 맞춤형 밸브 클러스터를 공급하는 전문업체입니다.

알파라발의 전문성은 가능한 한 구성품을 적게 사용하고, 열 주기, 세정력, 배수성 및 흐름 제어를 포함한 주요 문제들을 효과적으로 처리하는 가장 효율적인 흐름 관리 방식을 구현합니다.

알파라발 밸브 클러스터는 사전 조립 및 사전 테스트를 거친 후 완전히 연결된 상태로 모든 필수 뉴매틱 튜브, 접속 배선함 및 사전 연결된 제어판과 함께 공급할 수 있습니다

이것은 온라인으로 신속하게 복잡한 설치 문제를 해결함으로써, 시간을 절약하고 현장 출장 및 다운타임과 관련된 비용 손실을 피할 수 있다는 의미입니다.

또한 알파라발은 Unique mixproof 밸브 계열에 대한 비용 효율적인 대안으로 표준 SMP 혼합 방지 밸브를 제공합니다.

자세한 정보는 문서 및 제품 선택 가이드를 참조하십시오.


Product Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Minimizing the risk of product contamination
  • Making maintenance fast and easy


제품 카탈로그

'Close at hand' 온라인 버전 (최신판)

Find an Alfa Laval product

Unique mixproof valve range

The Alfa Laval Unique mixproof valve concept provides modular solutions that you can easily tailor to your specific requirements. This means you only pay for the exact features and capabilities you really need. To make selection easier, a series of Unique Mixproof valve versions is available.

Unique Mixproof High Alloy

imagebklm7.png Unique Mixproof High Alloy valve is developed and designed to suit tough applications within dairy, food, beverage, personal and home care applications. Products with high level of chloride, chemicals or low pH demand high grade alloy equipment to improve corrosion resistance.

Unique Mixproof UltraPure

Unique Mixproof UltraPure w ThinkTop V70 50x89.jpg Unique Mixproof UltraPure valve is devolved and designed meet the stringent demands of the biotech- and pharmaceutical industries. This valve solution ensures a higher degree of plant flexibility resulting in optimized plant efficiency without compromising product safety. Customers have several options to fit individual needs; e.g. higher alloys to improve corrosion resistance. Like all our UltraPure equipment, Unique Mixproof UltraPure comes with the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package.

 Unique Mixproof Basic

Unique Mixproof Basic w V50_72x89.jpg Unique Basic has the basic components that provide significant safety and leakage detection. It features an actuator without seat lift and unbalanced plugs.

Unique Mixproof SeatClean

Unique Mixproof SeatClean w ThinkTop V70_72x89.jpg Unique SeatClean is the choice for standard installations that handle products with solids. Seat lift during normal cleaning procedures cleans the plugs and seats. A balanced lower plug eliminates the risk of mixing products by pressure shock or when the pressure in the pipe is high.

Unique Mixproof HighClean

Unique Mixproof highclean Unique HighClean meets your processing needs when dealing with sticky products. SpiralClean ensures thorough cleaning of the spindles, upper and lower plugs and in the leakage chamber. With balanced upper and lower plug, the configuration of this valve protects against the effects of high pressure and water hammer.

Unique Mixproof UltraClean

Unique Mixproof Ultraclean Unique UltraClean meets the highest demands for hygienic processing of sticky products, products with high content of solids, or applications that require close-to-aseptic conditions. It features an actuator with integrated seat lift, balanced upper and lower plugs and SpiralClean.

사용 방법


The unique mixproof valve concept is based on a series of base components, including valve body, valve plug, actuator and cleaning options and accessories that support a wide range of applications. Using these components, you can build a Unique mixproof valve to match your exact process requirements.

To facilitate maintenance, the Unique mixproof valve also features leakage detection holes that provide advance notification of wear or damage to static o-rings. Operators can visually inspect the valve at any time without having to disassemble it.Unique Mixproof exploded view w ThinkTop V70_600x375.jpg

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval Unique mixproof valve is a normally closed (NC) valve that is controlled from a remote location by means of compressed air.

To separate the two liquids, the valve has two independent plug seals. The space between the two seals forms an atmospheric leakage chamber. In the rare case of accidental product leakage, the product flows into the leakage chamber and is discharged through the leakage outlet.

When the valve is open, the leakage chamber is closed. The product can then flow from one line to the other without spillage. The valve can easily be cleaned and protected against the effects of water hammer according to the specific requirements of the process and the configuration of the valve. (There is no product spillage during valve operation).

SpiralClean system

Alfa Laval offers its external connected CIP system "SpiralClean". This system ensures hygienic operation in demanding applications where cleaning of the Unique Mixproof by seat lift and seat push function is not sufficient. The SpiralClean system can be added to clean the upper and lower plugs and to rinse the leakage chamber of the valve. Using less cleaning fluid, utilities and time, SpiralClean cleans more thoroughly and efficiently than conventional externally connected CIP devices.

Another big benefit: SpiralClean enables the Unique mixproof valve to operate under aseptic-like conditions, creating a steam barrier to the atmosphere upon applying steam to the CIP pipes.unique-mixproof-spiral-clean-640x360.jpg


    • 3-A version available upon request
    • Product wetted seals HNBR, NBR or FPM
    • Male parts or clamp liners in accordance with required standard
    • Control and indication: ThinkTop V70
    • Indication for detection of upper seat lift
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