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Not only at today’s forefront, Alfa Laval is securing future flexibility with Alfa Laval PureSOx

SOx compliance and the approaching global sulphur cap are among the marine industry’s most pressing concerns. Alfa Laval is not only working to meet today’s scrubber demand, but also securing long-term peace of mind for those who invest in Alfa Laval PureSOx systems.

“Alfa Laval’s focus is securing the compliance of our customers, both today and for the future,” says Erik Haveman, Sales Director, Exhaust Gas Cleaning. “Naturally we want to meet the demand that currently exists. But we also want to ensure that our customers are a step ahead, so that they can be confident in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.”

Preparing open-loop systems for hybrid upgrades

Over the past decade, many changes in environmental legislation have come into effect, requiring shipowners to invest in equipment on board their vessels. Alfa Laval is securing flexibility for PureSOx customers by delivering their open-loop PureSOx systems in a hybrid-ready configuration.

“Many customers today are purchasing open-loop PureSOx systems,” says Haveman. “But there is the possibility of stricter water discharge regulations in the future. By preparing all open-loop deliveries for easy upgrading to a hybrid system, we give PureSOx customers room to adapt if tougher laws appear.”

The possibility of using fuels with higher sulphur content

Going forward, PureSOx can be designed to handle fuels with sulphur contents above 3.5%. This will be useful if higher-sulphur fuels are offered to the market, for example as a result of changing refinery output after 2020.

“PureSOx will be able to handle higher fuel sulphur levels than are common today, giving customers the flexibility to bunker what’s regionally available,” says Haveman. “If cheaper high-sulphur fuels are on offer, it may even be advantageous to bunker them. Not only will customers be certain of compliance, they may be able to save more on their fuel bills as refinery production shifts.”

Tomorrow’s service today with PureSOx Connect

Already, customers find present and future compliance security in Alfa Laval’s PureSOx Connect offering. This unique connectivity portfolio offers ways to simplify compliance reporting, but also to benchmark PureSOx systems across fleets and optimize their performance and maintenance.

“PureSOx Connect offers a range of data-driven services for PureSOx, and these services will grow as accumulated data creates new possibilities,” says Haveman. “We are moving steadily towards more predictive maintenance and dynamic, real-time ways to optimize and safeguard compliance.”

Already, PureSOx customers have access to a full global service network, equipped with a 24/7 service desk and an extensive portfolio of PureSOx services. Not only will PureSOx Connect complement these resources, it will strengthen them with data-derived insights that improve maintenance and remote support.

“Alfa Laval’s global network and the face-to-face services we offer will never diminish,” says Haveman. “Connectivity and personal support for PureSOx will go hand-in-hand to secure our customers’ peace of mind.”


To learn more about Alfa Laval PureSOx and Alfa Laval’s approach to exhaust gas cleaning, visit the Alfa Laval stand at SMM (Hall A1, Stand A1.226) or www.alfalaval.com/puresox


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