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Evaporation solutions 3D/VR

To see the virtual reality (VR) models of the evaporation systems, simply click on the modules. If you are browsing from a desktop computer, you can interact with our 360-degree evaporator modules by using your mouse to navigate. Turn the modules around by right-clicking and zoom in by using the scroll function. You can also combine your experience with VR hardware.



Single-effect plate flash evaporator to concentrate viscous fluids that are prone to fouling and/or require gentle handling. Compact and self-cleaning, it reduces installation, operating and maintenance costs.


AlfaFlash with decanter

Single-effect plate flash evaporator with decanter for use as a robust, cost-efficient solution for zero-liquid discharge and crystallization systems. Great for wastewater reduction, product recovery, and water recovery and reuse.

AlfaVap Inline 2

AlfaVap Inline

Two-effect AlfaVap rising film plate evaporator module to concentrate process liquids containing dissolved solids. It handles higher media concentrations and viscosities than tubular evaporators yet has a minimal footprint.


AlfaVap MVR

AlfaVap rising film plate evaporator with mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) delivers the highest energy efficiency. It reduces utility costs as well as carbon emissions, minimizing the environmental load.


AlfaVap two-effect TVR

Two-effect AlfaVap rising film plate evaporator with thermal vapour recompression (TVR) provides a good balance between CAPEX and OPEX.


AlfaVap three-effect TVR

Three-effect AlfaVap rising film plate evaporator with thermal vapour recompression (TVR). Up to 40% more energy-efficient than a two-effect evaporator with TVR.